Women’s Rights as Human Rights: Local and Global Perspectives
Strategies and Analyses from the ICCL Working Conference on Women’s Rights as Human Rights (Dublin, March 1997)
Edited by Niamh Reilly

Introduction to Section 4: Strategies for Action

The thematic working sessions covered in Section 3 focused on identifying the gender-specific human rights issues within each theme in the context of Ireland – North and South. Each session also highlighted the kinds of actions and strategies that are needed to address the issues raised and to build a campaign for women’s human rights in Ireland.

The first part in Section 4 summarizes the general strategies that emerged in these discussions. The remaining parts report on the second set of conference working sessions, which focused on possible strategies and important issues in the areas of implementing international human rights agreements, feminist approaches to human rights education, and advancing networking and resources for women’s human rights.

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