The Women’s Human Rights Campaign Ireland 1998
On the Occasion of the 42nd meeting of UN Commission on the Status of Women
(New York, March 3-15, 1998)
Overview: Issues and Recommendations
1. Monitoring and Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action (PFA):
Despite a commitment from the Irish Government to consult with NGOs in the drafting of the first official report to the UN CSW on implementation of the Beijing PFA, no effort was made by the Irish Government to hear the views of NGOs. To date, there are no indications that the Irish Government intends to take seriously its obligations under the PFA . To mark the 42nd Session of the UN CSW and International Women’s Day (March 8th), we ask that in 1998 the Irish Government:
· Work in consultation with NGOs to develop a national Plan of Action to implement the Beijing PFA

· Establish and ensure adequate resources for effective mechanisms to regularly and systematically monitor and review implementation of the PFA

The National Traveller Women’s Forum calls on the government to:
· Make available to Traveller and other minority ethnic groups and women's organisations the resources necessary for them to play a full and ongoing part in developing national strategies for the implementation of the PFA




3. Violence Against Women

Women’s Aid and the Women’s Human Rights Campaign recommends that: