Women’s Rights as Human Rights: Local and Global Perspectives
Strategies and Analyses from the ICCL Working Conference on Women’s Rights as Human Rights (Dublin, March 1997)
Edited by Niamh Reilly

Table of Contents
Introduction -- Niamh Reilly
Section 1: Women’s Human Rights in Global Perspective
The Status of Women’s Human Rights Globally -- Mary Lawlor, Amnesty International
International Human Rights: Challenges Posed by Women -- Charlotte Bunch, Center for Women’s Global Leadership
Women Taking Action to Advance Their Human Rights: The Case of Africa -- Florence Butegwa, Associates for Change
Acting Locally: Bangladeshi Women Organising as Part of the Global Campaign for Women’s Human Rights -- Shireen Huq, International Women’s Rights Action Watch-Asia Pacific
Section 2: The Human Rights of Women in Ireland
Economic Discrimination and Exploitation -- Ursula Barry, WERRC / ICCL
Political Discrimination and Persecution -- Catherine Joyce, Pavee Point
Violence Against Women: The Irish Context -- Monica O’Connor, Women’s Aid
Cultural Rights and Social Inclusion -- Catriona Ruane, West Belfast Festival
Democracy, Citizenship and Participation -- Inez McCormack, UNISON
Reproductive and Sexual Rights -- Ailbhe Smyth, WERRC
Section 3: Identifying Women’s Human Rights Issues


Bodily Integrity and Security of Person
Democracy, Citizenship and Participation
Political Discrimination and Persecution
Economic Discrimination and Exploitation
Cultural Rights, Human Expression and Social Inclusion
Section 4: Strategies for Action

General Strategies

Implementing the Beijing Platform for Action and the Vienna Declaration
Feminist Approaches to Human Rights Education
Expanding Resources and Networking for Women’s Human Rights

Using Human Rights Instruments, Procedures and Lobbying: Political and Legal Strategies for Action

i. Organising Committee and Resource Persons Contact List
ii. International Human Rights Key Contacts List: Governmental and UN Bodies and NGOs
iii. Overview of UN Human Rights Tools -- Niamh Reilly
iv. List of Human Rights Agreements Signed or Ratified by Ireland
Short Bibliography / Documents List

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